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In 2011: Rise Sharply in Adversity, Fly Upward in Adverse Situations

In the afternoon of April 16th, a private economic work conference for the whole province was held in the videophone conference hall in Hebei Hall. The Longjitaihe Group won second place in the Top 100 private enterprises in Hebei Province once again; Longjitaihe Chairman Wei Shaojun was also honored yet again with the title of 'Outstanding Private Entrepreneur of Hebei Province'.

As a private enterprise enjoying rapid growth after reform and development, the taxes paid by the Longjitaihe Group have reached RMB 2.325 billion, and it provided thousands of new posts in 2011 alone. When seeking its development, Longjitaihe set up the first enterprise charity foundation ' Harmony Fund' in Hebei Province, playing a positive role in the promotion of harmony and a strongly-built province, and shaping the image of high quality private enterprises through various actions.

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