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Longjitaihe Group Promoted to 'Head Office Key Client' of China Construction Bank

A few days ago, the Longjitaihe Group was recognized as the 'Head Office Key Client' by the China Construction Bank. The selection of the China Construction Bank this time is in accordance with the aggregative indicators of cooperation between credit enterprises and banks. In 2012, only 12 national real estate companies received this honor, mainly in Guangdong Province and Jiangsu Province. Longjitaihe is one of the only two shortlisted representatives from the north, and the only real estate enterprise to receive the honor in Hebei Province.

Becoming the 'Head Office Key Client' of the China Construction Bank marks that the cooperation between Longjitaihe and the China Construction Bank has entered a new development stage. The China Construction Bank provides a differentiated credit policy in its credit line, authority for examination and approval, and industry policy, opening up an all-round service green passage from settlement businesses to credit businesses.

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