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Eminent Economics Professor Lin Yifu Visits and Inspects Hedao International Project

On December 10th, 2013, eminent economics professor Lin Yifu investigated and surveyed the Baigou specialized market along with the Economic Research Institute's investigation group from Peking University composed of economists from all over the world and relevant leaders of the World Bank. The inspection was accompanied by such leaders as Longjitaihe Group President Wei Shaojun.

The investigation group visited Hedao International. President Wei Shaojun introduced in detail the new-type business model of the combination of industry and city, industry and economy, and industry and commerce on Baigou specialized market. Under the large environment of southern businesses diverting to the north, the migration of Beijing and Tianjin's specialized market and the rise of the airport economy, five industries will be built, five services will be effectively carried out and five interests will be ensured in the future.

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