Innovative Green Architecture Technology - Scientific and Technological Innovation, Leading the Green Construction Material Industry Standard

With proactive vision, Longjitaihe invested and founded Hebei Innovative Green Architecture Technology Co., research, design, produce and construct assembly buildings, and it is considered the first 'residential industry modernization base' in Hebei Province. Longjitaihe has a number of national patents with the highest domestic technology, including'Assembled Integrated Shear Wall Construction' and 'Confined Concrete Column Composite Frame Structure', two building systems defined by the Ministry of Science and Technology as 'advanced internationally and advanced domestically'.

Practice Projects

Asia's single biggest business project - Hedao International Bags & &Cases Trade Center

China'stallest fabricated shear wall structure – ZhuozhouToscana Village

Hebei's tallest fabricated frame structure - International Fantasy Land Center

Operation Performance

Reached strategic cooperation agreements with the China Academy of Building Research, Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute,Tianjin University, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, and Hebei Academy of Building Research in 2008.

Issued and implemented local regulations Confined Concrete ,The Concrete and Steel Mixed TechnicalSpecification and the Wall-Type Frame Shear Wall structure Technical Specification in 2009 as editor-in-chief

Issued and implemented local regulation the Composite Wall Structure Technical Specification in 2011 as editor-in-chief.

Identified as 'Hebei High-tech Enterprise' for 'New Integral Mixed Structure System for Earthquake Resistance' by the National Scientific and Technological Achievements in 2012.

The Confined Concrete Column Composite Beam Frame Structure Technical Specifications became the CECS industry regulation in 2013.

Identified as 'Modernization Base of Hebei Province's Construction Industry' in 2014.

Issued and implemented local regulation the Assembly Integrated Mixed Frame Structure Technical Specification in 2015.

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